2LoveMy Skin

November 2nd, 2020

After working with 2LoveMy skincare range last year they have grown their range and commissioned us to overhaul their website to match their branding. Set to launch for Christmas 2020 the product range now come in at a whopping 26 products. From moisturisers to masks, skin serums to sanitisers there was a whole load of packaging to design and get ready for the launch of their new site.

As I’m writing, the bottles are being manufactured, the labels are at the printers and, the website has been designed and is with our developer (husband Andy) for building. All being well it should all come together nicely next month just in time for the Christmas rush.

Creating a consistent look over so many different packaging shapes and sizes, from 5litre to 10ml bottles, was tricky and took some time to get right. Luckily my years of experience in packaging design gave me a huge advantage in sizing, regulations and the final outcome. We helped it along by developing coloured icons to help identify products and pair products together for different skin concerns.

Once the branding was established and guidelines sorted it was time to move on to the website and create a fresh new look to help kick start the new products. With an injection of colour throughout the site and a set of icons for the key ingredients of the products the site is looking far more fun, friendly and welcoming. Along with the packaging and website refresh we have been asked to launch a social media campaign to get the word out. Researching skin care and luxury products on social media isn’t the worst gig I’ve had to partake, but somebody’s got to do it! We will launch the campaign once the site is up and running so watch this space.

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