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November 12th, 2017

Not having a web presence for your organisation is a bit like not having a contact phone number or email address. In today's digital world if someone wants to find information about you they pick up their phone, tablet, and to a lesser extent these days a desktop computer (although a little heavy), and look for you online.

The problem is, having a website that truly reflects your organisation can become a costly process. This is particularly the case with new start-up businesses and charities. Not everyone can afford the costs associated with the bespoke design and build process involved with producing the web site to fit your needs.

Cutting corners with websites

There are alternative options of off-the-shelf sites or if you're lucky enough to have a friend who dabbles in HTML, but a poorly built site that does not reflect your brand can do more harm than good. It's an important marketing tool to get right.

The real draw of an off-the-shelf website is the monthly payment plan offering, ideal for organisations that can't afford the upfront costs of a brand new site. However these sites still require a lot of work to get right and can end up looking like every other florist, restaurant and bakery out there, not reflecting the uniqueness of your business.

What if you could have a bespoke site for a monthly cost?

At DOT we offer something called a Foundation Website. We start building with your organisations basic needs in mind and only charge a monthly fee to cover costs for hosting and maintenance. In effect you are getting the design and build of your site for free. We look at what the site could evolve into and future-proof the foundations so the site can easily grow and adapt as your business does, avoiding the pay outs for a new website every few years.

What's really great about this type of service is it works at creating a long term partnership with us. Our success goes hand in hand with your success and so we have a vested interest in your web site well beyond the launch date.

Not a start-up or charity?

This may not be a solution for everyone and sometimes you need something that is a little more advanced. We can quote for any scenario and the beauty of DOT is our ability to provide cost effective bespoke web solutions.

Get in touch to find out if you qualify for our Foundation Website monthly plan offering.

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